Private Fee Per Item

Private Fees

The fee scale is a guide only. You will be given an individual estimate prior to starting treatment. This is not a definitive list of treatments that we offer. Do not hesitate to ask for further information.

All late cancellations and missed appointments will incur a charge, we will require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.

Our normal procedure is to invite you to become a member of St Helens Dental Practice by joining one of our payment plans allowing you to budget for preventative dental care and have reduced treatment fees. Please ask one of our reception team for more information.

New Patient Examination (Inc 2 Radiographs) £100
Examination £51
Radiograph £14

Hygienist visit including Airflow £65
Mouthguard from £106

Routine extraction £128
Complex extraction £173
Surgical extraction £210

Amalgam from £115
Composite from £115
Root Canal Treatment from £387
Crown from £630
Bridge (per unit) from £630

Full upper and full lower acrylic denture from £1407
Full upper or lower acrylic denture from £760
Partial acrylic denture from £550
Partial chrome denture from £950

Porcelain Veneer £700
Composite Bonding £215
Tooth Whitening £350

Invisalign from £3100
Removable Retainers from £94
Fixed Retainers from £179